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Legacy Capital Partners, Inc. (“LCP”) focuses on opportunistically investing capital in real estate markets with a value-investor orientation and a conservative, margin-of-safety approach. We acquire real-estate-backed notes and traditional real estate interests to capitalize on investment opportunities, which we believe have strong potential upside while protecting against loss of capital. We also make real-estate-backed loans where we feel confident we are well protected against the risk of loss while giving us excellent prospective returns.

LCP specializes in the acquisition and value-add turn-around of distressed real-estate-backed debt and real estate assets. In an ideal opportunity, we add value multiple ways: by opportunistically acquiring distressed real estate debt at a healthy discount, working through the necessary legal process to obtain direct ownership of the real estate, and then stabilizing the property. We commit the needed time, expertise, and capital towards improving occupancy rates, undertaking deferred maintenance, and professionally marketing the property. By removing distress from the property, we increase the asset’s value, while also maintaining a margin-of-safety.

We are continually scouring the market for excellent opportunities. We investigate and pursue many deals and, even with our conservative approach; we usually find one or two deals we cherry-pick every few months.

Though we do all the work to find great quality investments and take all the needed steps to stabilize and add value to the deal, we only make money after you have made an agreed-upon return on your investment. Because we do not make a profit, even with all our time and effort, until you have received your return, your investment is well protected. We have never lost investor money throughout numerous successful projects and also invest some of our own funds in each deal alongside yours. Since, unlike most professionals in the finance industry, we are paid last, it gives us incentive to carefully choose our projects and return your capital to you as quickly as possible. Our track record speaks for itself.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. It is not a solicitation of any offer or investment. See Deal Documents for details on any specific deal.



Leads the LCP team to find and monetize great deals for investors with excellent margins of safety.

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GREGG DONALDSON Vice President, Acquisitions & Asset Management

Gregg leads the leads the acquisition team to investigate potential opportunities and performs essential financial and operational due diligence to ensure a healthy buffer in order to protect downside risk.

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Christina Schaefer Director of Operations

Christina Schaefer brings over 18 years of project management and operational excellence to the Legacy Capital Partners team.

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BRADLEY WRIGHT, CPA Finance & Accounting Manager

Brad leads the finance team with his extensive taxation experience with a focus on maximizing investor returns.

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